In the follow-up to his popular bebop piano lesson series, acclaimed pianist David Hazeltine expands on the quintessential elements of bebop.

Great article with David from Keyboard Magazine including news of an upcoming trio record with Ron Carter and Al Foster!

David Hazeltine shows you the quintessential elements of bebop in a two part piano lesson series at MyMusicMasterclass.com.

Learn to reharmonize jazz standards like a Pro in 21 lessons on www.jazzpianomastery.com

Looking to add some color and variety to your next gig? Check out this new edition of The Real Book by David Hazeltine.

Ben Markley's book A Practical Approach to Jazz Improvisation - The David Hazeltine Method is available now!

After a couple of months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of David Hazeltine's new website.

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"David Hazeltine is for sure the brightest star on the jazz piano horizon. His style has a deep-seated commitment to jazz history while communicating a wealth of 'today' ideas."
- Cedar Walton



Download David's press kit here.